BOS-EBV is an electric brush self-cleaning screen filter, vertical type.



● Electric drive, vertical installation, reliable and durable brush cleaning system.

● High efficiency, energy saving and low water consumption .

● Back washing cycle can be automatic activated by differential pressure and timing, without an interruption of filtration.

● Flange standard: ANSI B16.5/DIN2576/GB9119.

● Filtration grade optional for 50、100、200、300、500、800、1500、2500、3500 micron and etc.

● Filter screen & shaft are made of SS 316L, optional for duplex 2205 and super duplex 2507.

● Filter housing is made of high quality carbon steel with anticorrosive treatment, optional for SS 316L, duplex 2205 and super duplex 2507.

● Max. working pressure: 145psi(1.0MPa) as standard, optional for 232psi(1.6MPa)and 362.5psi(2.5MPa)

● High anti-corrosive or explosion-proof requirements can be customized.

● All filters apply to hydraulic test before shipment to ensure a high quality.

Working Principle:

BOWNT BOS is an automatic self-cleaning filter with a screen,which can remove impurities with a size bigger than the filtration grade.

A drainage valve is equipped to the end cover of the filter. When start the filter, feed flow through the inlet to the inner screen surface, impurities continuously accumulated on the screen surface, which increasing the differential pressure between inner and outer screen. When the differential pressure meets the preset value 0.5bar(7psi), the pressure switch(PDS) send a signal to the controller to start back washing cycle, open the drainage valve and let the sewage out.


Max. working pressure psi ( MPa )


Min. back washing pressure psi ( MPa )


Inlet/Outlet flange inch(mm)


Housing diameter inch (mm )


Flowrate gpm ( m3/h )


Filtration surface inch2 ( cm2 )


Filtration grade ( um )


Back washing mode

Differential Pressure / Timing / Manual

Max. working temperature °F ( °C )


Rated operating voltage

3 PHASE,220/380V,50HZ

Motor power hp ( kw )


Control unit voltage

220V AC


Notice:The maximum flow rate and cleaning data is based on the data of 100 micron filtration grade and good water quality.The actual filtration flow and the selected filtration grade are related to water quality. Please refer to our company for details.


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