BOC high flow cartridges consist of a composite material, which can effectively remove the impurities and particles.The unique pleat-shaped design has a greater filtration surface ensuring stability of the flow-path. A plastic mesh is used in the supporting layer, which greatly reduces flow resistance, strengthens the filter material, increases cartridge filtering effect and service life. The cartridge is made of hot-melt welding polyproylene, a stable material used in a variety of critical applications.

BOC Cartridge Characteristics

● Diameter 6" (152mm), opening single-side, special design of handle ring for easy assembly, better sealing.

● Wide range of connections, suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications, including condensate filtration.

● Core and the outer structure support are made of polyproylene, which helps maintain structural integrity, even in the most challenging applications.

● Welded polyproylene eliminates the use of adhesives, thereby preventing contamination.

● Pleated design increases filtration surface and life of the cartridge.

● Industry leading design with carefully selected, sturdy material offers highest hydraulic capacity and DP limits.

Comparative Advantages

● BOC cartridge adopts“hot-melt process”,a kind of long fiber, which has high performance in filtration effect and efficiency, in feed impurity tolerance, DP level before replacement and range of applications. While most of the cartridges in the market are melt-blown technology with fibers of uneven thickness, flat surface filtration and low impurity tolerance.

● Higher compatibility of construct(COC) and less dissolved of the filter material in accordance with the  standard FDA 177.1520.


BOC Technical Data:BOC CFE BOW 60-40-05






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