BOC CFMG serie filter is composed of several single-cartridge filters, support frame and manifolds. Support frame is made of welded steel, with high strength, stable structure and simple installation. Manifold is made of HDPE or UPVC,good corrosion resistance, easy installation and long service life.


●  Steel frame structure, simple and unique.

●  Good corrosion resistance for seawater and other high salinity water applications.

●  Modular design, which can be assembled to meet with different feed flowrates.

●  Can be joint-designed and joint-installed with RO membrane units, to get more space-saving.

●  Safe operation and easy replacement of cartridges.

Working conditions

●  Max. working pressure and temperature for the FRP housing is 150psi( 1.0MPa)&176°F(45℃)


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