Product features:

All kinds of liquid purification in textile, printing and dyeing and papermaking industry. Food and beverage: purification and aseptic treatment of food Paint Ink: latex paint, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing Ink and additive filtration. additives such as beer, liquor, bottled water, tea drinks, dairy products, oil, etc.
Petrochemicals: lubricants, aviation coal and various oils, catalysts, viscose, polymers, resins, hydrogen peroxide, purification of various kinds of fluids used in the process of chemical fiber manufacturing separation and recovery of valuable chemical intermediates and chemical products.

● High quality filtration raw materials, advanced processing
● technology and strict quality control.
● Provide customized technical solutions to customers.
● Does not contain silicon oil, making it suitable for certain critical applications.
● Filtration efficiency can reach 99.99%.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Material Polyester (PE), polypropylene (PO) and nylon (MO), etc
Nylon monofilament filter bag materialNylon monofilament standard
Material of steel ring needle punched felt bagPP, PE
Plastic ring hot melt filter bag materialPP needle felt. The bottom,side and collar of the hot-melt filter bag are all welded by hot-melt vmethod, which avoids the pinholes produced by sewing the seam filter bag and adapts to the field of higher precision requirement
MOPE (MOPO) materialnylon (MO) / polyester (PE), nylon (MO) /polypropylene (PO)
SpecificationsBag specifications can be customized according to requirements