Product features:

● Multi-fold design increases filtration area and reduces cartridges replacement frequency.
● Good pollution tolerance.
● Low differential pressure.
● Applicable for various kinds of water filtration.

● RO system pre filtration.
● Pre filtration of drinking water.
● Pre filtration of sterile water and ultrapure water.
● Rain water and sea water desalination.
● Groundwater purification.
● Filtration of acids and lye in chemical industry.
● Pre filtration of liquor.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Outer diameter7-3/4
Filtering materialPolypropylene (PP), absorbent cotton, glass fiber
End coverPU,Plastisol
Filtration grade1μm,5μm,10μm,20μm,50μm
Maximum operating temperature60℃
Maximum operating pressure40PSI