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BOWNT BOD Filtration Working Description

BOWNT BOD Filtration Working Description

BOWNT BOD self-cleaning filtration system consists of several filter units, each unit with comprised grooved discs to remove particles with a size bigger than the required filtration grade. BOWNT grooved discs combine on-surface filtration with in-depth filtration to achieve the maximum precision and safety in the filtration. The particles are rejected from the channel of the discs. Filtration system consists of a inlet pipe, a discharge pipe, a drain pipe, a pressure pipe, several filter units and an auxiliary filter unit.



During filtration phase, water flows from the inlet manifold through the three-way hydraulic valves into the filter body. Water throughthe discs for a depth filtration and particles rejected on the surface of the discs. Water after filtration flows out through the outlet manifold.



Back-flushing cycle can be activated by 4 conditions; differential pressure meet the setting value, time frequency, operation to the control unit and external signal.