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Life comes from water. 

Water is valuable recourse from our earth.

That keeps us clean from our daily contamination. 

In return, BOWNT gives cleanness back to Water. 

We are aware of all possible challenges ahead to achieve this goal.

But it’s what we are dreaming of.

It’s where our hearts heading to.

With BOWNT, we are always together.

Focused on this valuable nature recourse.

We know how to manage it in a smarter way.

How to provide more innovative solutions?

BOWNT, one of the world's leading service suppliers in mechanical filtration.

BOWNT, a brand and a team worth being trusted by customers around the world, 

is connecting our clients and serving them in a more simple and effective way.

With our professional engineering design,Relaible quality,Comprehensive and thoughtful service,

Bownt has been providing solutions in a wide variety of industries, 

such as power, steel, chemical, oil&gas, electronics, agriculture, 

desalination,food&beverage,municipality, waste recycling.

BOWNT, is your investment for the future!