Caractéristiques du produit:

● The centrifugal filter size is standard from 1 "to 12", other specifications can be customized as per customer’s requirements.
● There is no filter screen or detachable parts, structure and free maintenance.
● Simply installation and no need to replace the parts.
● Perfect hydraulics design, and good separation effect.
● The maximum particle size allowed to enter the centrifugal filter is 9mm, and the allowable solid content is up to 25000mg / L.
● Highly efficient separation, the separation rate for particle size over 40μm is up to 98%, and the particle size of 5 μm can be separated as a minmum.
● There is no operative nor moving parts inside the filter, which is reliable and nearly zero maintenance.
● Filter can works without an interruption of separation during cleaning if equipped with an automatic drain device.
● Filter housing and manifolds are made of carbon steel with anti-corrosive treatment, which is optional for SS304, SS316L or duplex
2205 to meet different water sources.

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Max. working pressure (MPa) 1.0
Inlet/Outlet (inch)1”-12”
Drainage size (inch)1”-4”

Principe de fonctionnement

Water feeds into the filter inlet (1) along the tangential direction, produces a centrifugal flow and accelerating speed by the accelerator ring(2). Particles are throwed to the inner surface of the separation chamber(3)under the centrifugal force, afterwards fall into the collection chamber (4) and discharged intermittently or continuously from the drain outlet. While the clean water flows out from the outlet (5) under the water pressure. Needs to be emphasized that there is a anti vortex device (6) at the bottom to prevent the particles in the collection chamber (7) from being rolled up by the water flow.