Caractéristiques du produit:

● Simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance and long service life.
● Space saving and low operation cost, low water consumption and easy installation.
● High capacity and efficient separation, general fiber removal rate is over 80%.
● Automatic control of operation, with no need of a special person to care about, the concentrate fiber is more than 12%.
● Small head loss and energy saving.
● High corrosion resistance and strong strength of stainless steel structure.

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Micron rating ( μm) 50-500
Max. flow gmp(m³/h)110-1672(25-380)
Grille cylinder speed (r/min)4-6
Backwashing water pressure psi(MPa)43.5 (0.3)
Grille cylinder diameter (inch)25”-60”
SS removal rate (%)70-85

Principe de fonctionnement

Raw water fills into the inner distributor through the inlet, and disctributed to the inner grille screen surface after steady. Clean water
pass through the grille screen vertically for efficient filtration. While solids are intercepted by the screen and delivered by the inner rotary guide plates to the drainage valve. Rotary drum grille has a flushing nozzle outside the grille cylinder, clean water through the fan-shaped nozzle begins backwashing the grille cylinder under the water pressure of 0.3MPa. Dirty water after backwashing concentrates to the bottom collecting tank, and discharged.