Product features:

● Efficient filtration with low back flushing water consumption.
● Hydraulic / pneumatic drive automatic back flushing.
● Back flushing cycle can be activated by DP & timing, without an interruption of filtration.
● Modular design for space saving, free combination according to the mounting space.
● Flange standard optional for ANSI B16.5 / DIN2576 / GB9119.
● Filtration grade optional for 20 / 50 / 100 / 130 / 200 / 400 micron etc, further requirements please refer to the manufacture.
● Filter discs with high corrosion resistance, applicable for complex fluids.
● Low maintenance cost, reliable safe operation and long service life.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Filter unit2
Max. working pressure psi(MPa)145(1.0)
Min. back flushing pressure psi(MPa)standard series(S) 36.25(0.25) low pressure series(P) 21.75(0.15)
Advise back flushing DP psi(MPa)7.25(0.05)
Back flushing water consumption gpm(l/s)47.55(3)
Filter shell materialglassfiber reinforced polyamide

Working principle

● Filter discs are compressed tightly in the filter element frame.
● Water fills into the filter unit through the inlet manifold.
● Feed water flows through the centrifugal disk, most particles in the water are thrown to the inner filter shell surface, and concentrated on the top, the rest particles intercepted on the discs surface during filtering, which greatly reduces the back flushing frequency and water consumption.
● Water with less particles goes through the disc channels for a deep filtration,clean water through the inner disc passage flows to the outlet manifold.
Back flushing
● Filtered water under the pressure revers from the bottom of filter frame,lifts the top plunger and looses the discs.
● Clean water sprays from the wholes in the filter element frame, spins and shakes the discs at a high speed for the purpose of rinse thoroughly, waste water after back flushing discharged from the drain line.
● The top plunger returns to position to compress the discs once finished of a back flushing cycle, and filter unit begins filtration process.

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