Product features:

● Highly automation, fast and efficient separation of impurities.
● Low consumption, no noise and good corrosion resistance;
● The equipment can work stably for a long time in unattended condition.
● The equipment is equipped with overload safety protection. When there is a fault, it will give an alarm and stop automatically,which can avoid the overload of the equipment
● It can adjust the operation interval of the equipment arbitrarily according to the needs of users to realize periodic operation.
● Reasonable design, with a strong self-cleaning ability, no blocking and simply routine maintenance.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Device Width B(mm)500-1500
Ditch Width B1(mm)B+100
Grille width B2(mm)B-157
Fundation bolt-space B3(mm)B+200
Totoal width B4 (mm)B+350
Mounting Angle α (°)60~85
Ditch depth H(mm)800~12000
Mounting height H1(mm)600~1200
Total Device height H2(mm)H+H1+1500
Chain speed V(m/min)≈2.1
Head loss(mm)≤20 (No jams)