Product features:

● Compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation and simple maintenance
● The chain seal is reliable and there is no debris blocking and winding.
● There is a movable grille under the water. The rake teeths rotates from the back to the front. There is no dead angle at the bottom. The rotary unloading is automatically controlled and there is no dirt falling back.
● Transmission parts, grille and rake teeths are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and long service life.
● It is safe and reliable to use full electric protection device and double overload protection of mechanical and electrical, which can realize remote automatic control or manual control.
● Unique frame structure and strong rigidity, easy installation and maintenance.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Device Width B (mm)800-2800
Ditch Width B1(mm)B+100
Grille width B2(mm)B-166
Fundation bolt-space B3(mm)B+200
Totoal width B4 (mm)B+350
Grille gap b (mm)20~100
Mounting Angle α (°)60~80
Ditch depth H (mm)2000~12000
Mounting height H1 (mm)600~1200
Chain speed V (m/min)≤3.0

Working principle

Chain plate grille adopts rotary chain plates. When the sewage flows through the grid surface, the debris larger than the grid gap is intercepted, and the rake teeth of the toothed plates go deep into the gap between the grille bars. Motor drives the chain plates as a rotary motion, the rake teeths carry the debris intercepted on the grid surface from bottom to the top end. The debris will fall off by gravity, fall into the conveyor or garbage trolley from the discharge port, and haul away for further processing. Please refer to the size of separated debris for grille selection.

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