Product features:

● Service life of filter screen can last up to 10 years.
● Easy replacement of filter screen, independent screen plates free of interaction effects.
● High pollutant-resistance, the maximum feed SS is up to 40mg/L.
● Continuous filtration,interaction effects
● Filter head loss is no more than 0.3m.
● Good performance: permeate water SS will be no more than 10mg/L.
● Automatic operation and control.
● Space saving, the floor space of rotary drum filter is far less than that of other filtration devices for the same capacity.
● Small water consumption, impurities are not easy to accumulate on filter screen, the high backwashing pressure can easily remove impurities. The backwashing water consumption is about 0.3% of filter capacity, which is much lower than that of 3%~5% for other similar filters, reduce the capacity of backwashing dirty water.
● Energy saving, the power consumption is less than 25% of other similar filters.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Capacity (m³/d)10000-30000
Housing Diameter (mm)1500
Length of Housing (mm)1020-2920
Inlet/Outlet Flange (mm)DN500/DN600/DN700
Screen Micron Rating (μm)18
Drain Flange (mm)DN150
Backwashing Pressure (MPa)0.6
Water Consumption (m³/d)38-114
Head Loss (cm)<30
Weight (t)1.4-2.1

Working principle

Raw water fills into the hollow drum, and pass through the stainless steel filter screen from inside to outside under gravity, while solids in the water are intercepted inside the filter screen. Filter drum rotate slowly during operating. Once activated of a backflushing cycle, filtered clean water under the pumping pressure of the backwashing pump begins backflushing the filter screen from outside to inside. Solids and sludge fallen off the screen, collected by the collecting trough and discharged from the drain manifold.

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