Product features:

● PP melt blown filter cartridge has compact pore size and high filtration efficiency
● By bridging phenomenon of particles in the pore of PP melt blown filter cartridge, particles smaller than the pore can also be blocked, and the filtration efficiency is above 99%
● High cleanliness, no pollution to water quality, resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion

● Residential drinking water RO filtration.
● Chemical liquids & electroplating petroleum filtration.
● Pre filtration of desinfected water and ultrapure water.
● Filtration of chemical raw materials and organic solvents.
● Filtration of acid and alkali liquids in industrial chemical processes.
● Photographic development agent/ink filtration.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Outer diameter2-1/2''(63mm),4-1/2''(115mm),6''(152mm)
Inner diameter1-1/10''(28mm),4-4/5''(122mm)
Maximum differential pressure21℃, 2.0bar
Maximum temperature60℃