Product features:

● Good performance and stable permeate quality, the feed water SS can be up to 60-80mg/l.
● Space and energy saving, reliable in operation.
● System head loss is no more than 0.3m.
● Fully automatic operation.
● Modular design for simply installation and maintenance, quickreplacement of disc cloth.
● High filtration precision, disc cloth micron rating from 5μm to 20μm according to requirements.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Capacity30~42m³/h( for a single disc)
Disc DiameterΦ2000mm
Number of Discs2~20
Filtration Area4.5㎡(for a single disc)
Filtration Velocity8~15m/h/㎡
Feed Water QualitySS≤30mg/L
Permeate QualitySS≤10mg/L
Disc materialReinforced Engineering Plastic
Cloth MaterialFiber Cloth
Body MaterialSS
Motor Power0.75KW
Backwashing Pump Powe2.2KW
Backwashing Water Consumption35m³/h (for every 2 discs)
Head Loss50~250mm
Backwashing Cycle0~60 min
Operating PressureGravity filtration

Working principle

The operation of the rotary disc filter is consist of filtering, cleaning and sludge discharge processes.
A.Filtering :
Raw water fills into the filter tank through the inlet, filter discs are fully immerged into raw water, clean water B.Cleaning:
With the accumulation of particles and solids outside the filter cloth, tank water level gradually raised. When the water level reachs a predetermined line of cleaning, PLC starts the suction pump and begins cleaning process. Filter continuous filtering process during cleaning.
During the filtering process, filter discs are in static state, which is conducive to sludge sedimentation. Once start of cleaning cycle, filter discs rotate at a speed of 0.5RPM, the suction pump started, clean water inside the cloth begins back washing the cloth. The instantaneous cleaning area accounts for about 1% of the total area. The cleaning process is intermittent.
During the cleaning process, every 2 filter discs are in a group, each group proceeds cleaning alternately by switching the electric valves automatically on the suction manifold, untill finished of a complete cleaning cycle. The suction pump continous working during the cleaning cycle. If the feed water quality deteriorates suddenly, the water level in the tank will rapidly rises to the cleaning level. PLC will starts all the suction pumps, to start cleaning process for several groups at the same time, until the cleaning cycle returns to normal.
C.Sludge Discharge System :
Funnel type bottom is conducive for sludge collecting. Sedimentation has reduced sludge on filter cloth, which prolongs filtration cycle and reduces cleaning water consumption. Once start of the cleaning cycle, PLC starts the pump and discharges sludges, the duration and time interval of sludge discharge is adjustable on PLC.

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