Product features:

BOG-S mechanical grille is a kind of equipment which integrates fine screen remover, grille slag spiral elevator and grille slag spiral squeezer. It is main function to separate floating substances, settling substances and suspended substances from water, which is widely used in solid-liquid separation, residue cleaning, conveying and squeezing dewatering in urban sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

● Compact structure integrates multi functions, space saving, easy installation and maintenance, and long service life.
● Large area and mall head loss, high separation efficiency and large capacity.
● Self-cleaning system without block of the grilles.
● Equipment can realizes automatic control, stable operation, low noise and low energy consumption.
● Slag cleaning thoroughly, close transportation and no pollution to the environment.
● Model and Capacity

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Device Width B(mm)600-2600
Ditch Width B1(mm)620-2640
Grille Gap b(mm)6~12
Mounting Angle α(°)35
Ditch Depth H(mm)H2+300~500
Mounting Height H11000~1500
Rotation Speed n(r/min)≈6
Motor Power N(KW)1.1

Working principle

The grille pieces are made into drum shaped grille basket according to the grille gap, which installed in the ditch at 35 ° to the horizontal surface. Raw water filled into the grille basket, and slags are intercepted on the inner surface. The tooth scraper installed on the central shaft is driven by the motor for rotary cleaning. When the cleaning scraper picks up the slags to the top of the grille basket (clock 12 o'clock), slags will fall into the slag tank by gravity. The screw conveyor lift slags from the tank to the upper part for squeezing dewatering, finally dischage the slags from the discharge port.

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