Product features:

BOWNT BOT Series Water Intake Filter(Debris Filter) is mainly designed to filter large flow water, and allows direct mounting on water intake pipeline for quick filtration and automatic cleaning. It can efficiently remove clam shells, seashells, mussels, oysters, fish, jellyfish, sea grasses, bottles, tin cans, gravels, concrete rubbles, etc. The filter does not require manual cleaning, greatly improving pipeline cleaning efficiency. Therefore, it is ideal for applications in municipal water intake, industrial circulating water, condenser protection and agricultural irrigation.
● The filter screen and baffle plates boast high structural strength and long service life, able to resist high longitudinal force and deformation and provide large discharge force.
● Filter screen is available in two types, one with punch holes and the other with streamlined grids. Both can adjust water flow and effectively reduce water resistance.
● Adopting a pin-gear transmission, the filter enjoys reduced transmission conversions, smaller transmission torque, and fewer vulnerable points.
● The screen features high mesh number, especially the grid screen, with hole area accounting for up to 80% of the total screen area.
● The filter takes on compact structure, with only one movable component in water, making it easy to arrange.
1. Shell 2. Filter Mesh 3. Motor 4. Control Cabinet 5. Drain Valve 6. Pressure Gauge 7. Differential Pressure Switch 8. Spray Coating

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Filter Mesh MaterialHigh-strength stainless steel (dual-phase steel optional)
Driveshaft MaterialHigh-strength stainless steel (dual-phase steel optional)
Filtration Area8-16

Working principle

BOWNT BOT Series Water Intake Filter is comprised of housing, filter screen, conical discharge system, transmission system, electronic control system, etc. Both filter screen and transmission shaft are made from high-strength stainless steel (dual-phase steel optional). With an advanced hydraulic model, the filter features low water resistance, small shaft diameter, large discharge force (better waste discharge), high structural strength, long service life and high operation reliability, etc.Filter screen is available in two types, one with punch holes and the other with streamlined grids. Both feature low water resistance. The screen can be divided into 8 to 16 smaller sections with baffle plates that function as support for the filter screen. A waste chamber is provided at the water inlet side of the filter, and an elastic seal is placed between the waste chamber and baffle plates at filtering section. The motor for cleaning drives the filter screen and the waste hopper to rotate slowly with reduction gear. When the baffle plates at filtering section overlap with the waste chamber, the discharge valve will open to empty the wastes, then filtered water returns to clean the filtering sections where the baffle plates overlap with waste chamber, and flush the wastes intercepted by filter screen out of discharge port. 8 to 16 sections are cleaned one by one without disruptions to the operation during clean-up.

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