Product features:

● Membrane shell is made of FRP or stainless steel 304/316, polishing inside and outside.
● Standard for end connection and side connection, other requirements are optional.
● General parts allows easy and quick disassembly,Approved of pressure test, high pressure resistant and non-aging.
● Multiple optional inlet/outlet connections, coupling, flange, thread plug and ABS end cover.

Technical parameter: Detailed parameters >

Max working pressure300Psi
Membrane HousingPolished or brushing external surface

Working principle

BOWNT BOP series membrane shell, also known as membrane pressure vessel, is a supporting product of RO, NF, UF membranes and other devices. BOP membrane shell is made of polished stainless steel or wire wound FRP.

The quality of the membrane shell directly affects the performance of reverse osmosis membrane. BOWNT BOP membrane shell is designed to minimize the shaking damage to membrane elements in series, to avoid pollution of permeate water caused by the leakage of the membrane end and unnecessary trouble or waste result from the deformation of the membrane shell under hig pressure.